Working with low test coverage

Having good test coverage is invaluable to a software team, because it gives them the ability to make changes and quickly see the results. A good test suite serves 2 main purposes: it provides a safety net that shows the impact (intended or otherwise) of changes to the codebase, and it provides documentation of both … Read more

Is Continuous Release for you?

Continuous Release is the practice of releasing code to end-users in a fully automated fashion, releasing every commit that passes checks with no batching. It is the logical extension of Continuous Integration (CI) – where all commits by a team are to a central branch, with no batching – and Continuous Deployment (CD) – where … Read more

Welcoming new starters

For a lot of people – especially engineers, who can tend to be quite introvert – joining a new team can be both an exciting and nervous experience. Hopefully while recruiting you’ve used the interview process to select not only technically the best candidate but also someone who will fit into the team, which reduces … Read more

Agile Architecture

One of the significant changes in building a system in an agile way is the role of architecture and planning. Agile methodologies are often described against the comparison of a “waterfall” methodology, where in the “waterfall” approach, one of the issues is “big design up front”. The agile manifesto calls for responding to change over … Read more

Programming vs Engineering

There are many subtly different twists on the job title that “people who write code for a living” might associate with – developer, programmer, engineer are the main three I see. Personally, I self-identify as an engineer. I’m actually from an engineering rather than computer science background, specifically I studied a branch of mechanical engineering, … Read more

What I look for in an interview

When recruiting for developers, I start with initial screening by CV and perhaps phone interview, followed by a technical test, and then a face-to-face interview. I often find that people are nervous about interviews, but there’s really no need. By this stage, if I’m spending a significant chunk of time on an interview, it’s because … Read more