Acknowledge your strengths

In many societies, from a young age, people are taught to be aware of their weaknesses and strive to improve. That’s great, but what is often overlooked is teaching people to be aware – and proud – of their strengths, especially in cultures where over-modesty or even self-deprecation are valued. This can feed things like … Read more

Beyond SOLID: Affordance

There’s an increasing awareness among software developers of the SOLID principles – that is the Single responsibility, Open/closed, Lyskov substitutability, Interface segregation and Dependency inversion principles. Beyond these another principle that is valuable in designing software components is that of affordance, which draws from accessibility and ergonomics contexts. The concept could be simply expressed “it … Read more

Pragmatic problem solving

A team I’ve worked with recently were struggling with a poor delivery effectiveness, which was the result of a few particularly bad decisions compounding. One of the biggest issues was that the team had a lot of automation tests, but no other feedback mechanism. Every simple test was implemented as an automation journey through the … Read more