A bit about me

I specialise in the architecture and implementation of scalable solutions built on the .Net platform. I’m passionate about clean and elegant solutions, and finding the right answer to a business need through collaboration, careful analysis and creative thinking. I believe in agility, and adopting the right practices for the team and project in question to deliver the most value. I often work with development teams who are switching to unfamiliar or new technologies or paradigms, helping the team grow to meet the challenges. I’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to some of the world’s largest technology companies, on a diverse range of projects such as software for financial traders, cross-platform real-time mobile applications, AAA games, e-commerce, and healthcare point-of-care applications.

I like to learn, whether related to software engineering or just for fun. Part of my daily routine is to read roughly a dozen articles on software related subjects, and I try to integrate professional development in with other activities, such as listening to podcasts while swimming or driving, and watching videos while at the gym. I also attend events when I can, such as user groups in the local area, and conferences such as NDC Oslo, DeveloperDays and others, where it was great to meet in person lots of .Net and general software luminaries including Scott Hanselman and Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin. I like to share my interest in the field with others, for example through sharing resources I found particularly interesting, and through mentoring friends who are curious about software development.

I also try to travel as much as I can; recent trips include Italy, Argentina, USA, Canada, France, and Poland. I’ve also recently been learning to sail, and achieved the qualifications needed to charter a yacht abroad, which I intend doing when I’ve trained up enough friends to crew. I find the variety inspires creativity, and so I try to take short trips whenever possible.

I’m also into music; I play guitar, bass, piano and drums to varying standards including performing with bands at local venues, but mostly just for fun. My collection of guitars has expanded into double digits now!