Learning As We Go

We should always be trying to learn; every day we come into contact with new information, with new ideas, and with feedback on our previous efforts. This should profoundly change our approach, based on a simple and fundemental truth: We always know today the least we will ever know! We should expect that our knowledge … Read more

Bigger is not Better!

An observation I’ve made while working with various teams is that there are a relatively small number of things that separate the men from the boys (so to speak). My experience tells me that knowledge of technologies, frameworks, languages and so on is not a big discriminator between the best software engineers and the rest; … Read more

Breadwinner Code

Every developer at some point in their career has encountered “Legacy Code” – and the phrase usually implies negative connotations. There are usually reasons for this – Legacy Code is normally code that is hard to maintain, perhaps code that has grown organically over time and become complex, using technologies that now are out of … Read more